Forbes ' world's most valuable brands list

Forbes Web site has issued 2013 top 100 most valuable global brands rankings, Apple reached 104.3 billion dollars worth, up 20% from the previous year, on the list for the third year in a row in the top oakleys
Into the top ten list of other tech companies, including Microsoft, IBM and Google (microblogging), Intel, and Samsung Electronics. In addition to the science and technology company in the world, top ten also includes Coca Cola, McDonald 's, General Electric, and Louis Vuitton. 2012 top 100 most valuable global brands ranking compared to Apple, Google and Samsung's brand value this year has increased by double-digit percentages, especially Apple kill the brand value of Samsung Electronics surged 53%, reaching 29.5 billion dollars. Google's brand value rose 26%, reaching $ 47.3 oakley sunglasses
In the past three years, Samsung's brand value rose more than 130%. This Korea giant for advertising investment reached 4.4 billion dollars last year, means that each invested US $ 149 million of advertising in order to increase company brand value of us $ 100. Is contrasted with it, Apple has just invested $ 10 million for the ads, then we can let in brand value of $ 100. These technology companies, Nokia and BlackBerry are seeing their brand value has been reduced. Due to underestimating the iPhone and Android devices bring great change to the Smartphone market, the value of these two brands in the past three years, slipped and 74%, respectively. But even so, Nokia still Forbes 2013 top 100 most valuable global brands rankings ranked 71st, disappears and the BlackBerry in the rankings. Forbes said that obtained this ranking is based on a set formula, includes the revenues of the company for three years, variables such as average price-earnings ratio for the same period; and the implications for their respective industries, the core is an excellent product, since it is essential for the best brands.oakley sunglasses

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