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According to Pew, "the Internet and United States life project" and the Harvard Berkman Center, together with the latest survey data. According to the 94% United States youth Internet users use Facebook, among them many friends Group of more than 400 people. But in the last year, Twitter, Instagram usage has also been improved oakley sunglasses
This new report, covering the United States as well as social media information. Document has a large number of research results, by investigation and research oakleys
Facebook largest source Twitter, Instagram rapid growth According to reports, United States 95% of the youth (12-17 years old) are Internet users, and 81% they use social media sites. So far, Facebook is still the most widely used social networking site--young people using social networks, 94% has a Facebook account. Based on this calculation, all United States teenagers, 72.3% use Facebook.oakley sunglasses cheap
Although the Facebook go far left behind, but Twitter, Instagram has achieved phenomenal growth. In 2011, the only 12% of young people use Twitter, and 2012 this figure doubled, reaching 26%. 2011 years, no research data on Instagram, growth cannot be known. But now, Instagram has ranked third with 11%.oakley sunglasses sale
In General, adolescents demonstrate feelings of social networks, and positive feedback than negative experience: "52% youth Internet users said online experiences so that they feel good about themselves. ” In the file, Pew from 2006 to 2012, young people's attitudes and the use of social networks. On the whole, compared to 2006, these users to share more information, has become more open. However, few of them can support, "social media publication". They will manage their own accounts and select the objects to share information. Pew found that "due to gender, friends network is different, the reputation management on social networks among young people quite different. ”cheap oakley sunglasses

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