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Explosion in the Boston Marathon a few days ago, people were shocked while also began to worry about the safety of their loved ones – in addition to the panic caused by the explosion, shortly after the incident, Boston cell phone communication service has been temporarily shut down, unable to call contacts with oakleys
And in then, Google again will Person Finder tracing service moved out, help cannot dial relatives phone of people search themselves family and friends of situation, while also allows local residents and informed people share currently of situation; Facebook is through social Atlas of search, let people see family of page or Boston area of user page in the of State message, see they is said themselves oakley sunglasses
When it comes to social networking, people first think of Facebook, which was founded 9 years, more than 800 million users, was likened to "the third in the world" website is such a high attention was because it moved to real networks on the Internet, and for everyone in this network provides a platform for communication, interaction. No matter where you and your friends are, as long as connected to Facebook, you can chat as usual, interaction.oakley outlet

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